Shorter Lead Times

Problems with competing against speed to market options? Freight time? Not an issue here at Verger! We vouch to overcome the difficulties faced due to packaging items being sourced through overseas suppliers thus creating inabilities to compete with speed to market options. Our production facility located in country will reduce freight time and our state-of-the-art machinery help run production at much shorter cycles than the current market lead-times.

Competitive Prices

Our prices are the best yet, simply because we could provide goods at a very competitive price than the current sources used together with the savings on freight for goods bought by overseas suppliers.

No Minimums and Up Charges

Our flexibility with our overall operation gives us the ability to have no minimum order requirements and zero up charges for small orders.

Payment Terms

Most vendors currently make advance payments to overseas suppliers at their own risk before goods are being shipped out. We can offer to work on LC terms which will help vendors. Or we are open to any method you prefer to work with.

Diverse Expertise

Verger Holdings brings to the table expertise in compliance, quality, machinery, technology, marketing & communication.

Faster Replacements

This is our forte. We guarantee to deliver shortages, urgent order requests at a very short lead-time as we are very flexible and we understand the importance of catering to these types of requests faster.

International Partnerships

With current operations in Bangladesh and further expansions to other asian countries, we are able to supply products to your production units situated in these countries.